Timetable of activities at the Kemp Hall

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Top tots 1000–1200 hrs
Contact: Leona Findlay
tel: 01771 623761
Fitness class 1900–2100 hrs
Tuesday Cardiac exercise class* 1100–1200 hrs
Wednesday Yoga 1000–1130 hrs
Contact: Janet Ollason
tel: 01771 623402
e-mail: janet@houseofdeer.co.uk
Thursday Healthy beginnings 1000–1200 hrs Cardiac exercise class* 1400–1500 hrs Latter Day Saints (by arrangement)
Friday Fitness class 1900–2100 hrs
Weekend By arrangement

*This is a rehabilitation class and to join it you need a recommendation from your doctor.

Mrs Margaret Mowat manages the booking and hire of the Kemp Hall. Her telephone number is 01771 623398.