Old Deer Community Association

Currently the Community Association is involved with a number of activities and projects designed to improve life in the village.

  1. The new noticeboard is now in service. All it needs are some notices.

  2. The new ornamental sign located in the the triangular planting at the Abbey Street end of the village has been completed, and installed. Thanks to Mr John Fowlie for designing and building it. The associated planting was completed in the late Summer of 2008.

  3. The Community Association has taken over responsibility for planting and maintaining all of the flowerbeds at the Bridge. Aready some of the beds have been replanted with ornamental heathers, and additional plants have been added to the beds beside the Millennium Well. More plants will be added to both sets of beds in the Spring of 2009.

  4. We are currently developing the children's play park in the village, replacing out of date equipment and landscaping the play area. Aberdeenshire Council and other sources have already provided about 26,000 towards the costs of redevelopment. In June 2008 we were awarded up to 20,000 by the SITA Trust, making the current total 46,000, enough to begin the first phase of the redevelopment.

    In December 2008 the Community Association was awarded 10,677 by the Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER programme, and with this award the project was almost completely funded. Additional funds awarded by Aberdeenshire Council completed the funding for the project.

    The playpark works are now complete, everything is installed, and the landscaping and plantings are growing in well.

    We wish to thank the main contributors to this work for their hard work and dedication to the project: they are Janice and Peter Hinchliffe, for the Community Association, and Ian Tillett, Landscape Services, Aberdeenshire Council.

Suggestions for the next major project to improve village life are welcome, now.

If you have any bright ideas, are willing to volunteer to help with the landscaping of the playpark, or to help with fundraising please make contact with the webmaster of the Community Association, John Ollason, john@houseofdeer.co.uk, tel. 01771 623402.

Revision date: Sunday 23rd May 2010