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This website is primarily intended to serve as an electronic notice and discussion board for the residents of Old Deer and the surrounding villages, but we are proud of our beautiful village, and we welcome visitors, and for that reason we are including information that might be of interest to people from outside our immediate neighbourhood.

The picturesque village of Old Deer lies in the centre of Buchan, a district of Aberdeenshire. The village is about equidistant from the coastal towns of Peterhead to the east, Fraserburgh to the north east, Banff to the north west, and the country town of Turriff about due west.

A map of Old Deer and the surrounding neighbourhood will be of use to anybody wishing to visit the village.

It is almost as true now as it was in 1858, when the Rev. Dr John B. Pratt wrote in Buchan:

And here we come upon the rich and fertile Valley of Deer, beautified by the numerous woods and plantations of Aden and Pitfour, and the properties of Knock and Crichie. From this point to the Abbey Bridge—a distance of three miles—the scenery is strikingly pleasing. Gentle undulations here and there swelling into hills, the ever-varying course of the stream, with the broad and massive features of the thick hanging woods, delight and satisfy the eye. In the centre of this scene, softly embosomed in trees, lies the ancient village of Deer, with its houses and churches, exhibiting all the varied hues and colours which slate, tile and thatch can produce, and skirted by the grounds of Pitfour and Aden; farther on we come upon the crumbling ruins of the old Cistercian Abbey; and on the left, looking back as it were, is the quiet low-lying village of Stuartfield, with the old mansion house of Crichie among the woods on the rising ground beyond it.

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