Local places of interest

Map showing the location of Old Deer
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Set in rolling agricultural land, Old Deer, an ancient settlement, is surrounded by megalithic monuments, castles, a famous ruined Cistercian monastery, the remains of a great country estate with ruined manor house, many other picturesque locations, and it is in easy reach of some of the most beautiful beaches, and seacliffs, and historic coastal villages and towns in Scotland.

The small towns and villages around Old Deer have a unique quality due to the availability of excellent stone for building, and the masons' skills in using it. In the areas where granite is available, small cottages built out of finely cut granite ashlar are a common sight, and the use of cherry-cocking, the separation of large uniform blocks of granite by smaller pieces of stone, either randomly shaped, or cut to a pattern, is a characteristic of much of the masonry of the area.

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