Aikey Brae

Adapted from Pratt

A view of Aikey Brae

Crossing the stream [the South Ugie Water] by the Abbey Bridge, a little above the ruin, and ascending the opposite hill of Aikey Brae, we reach the hill of Parkhouse, where there is a druidical circle.

[What follows represents a long-discredited explanation of the origins of recumbent stone-circles, and for this reason the account is abridged.]

Returning to the text:

Within the stone circle is an altar stone—always large and lying flat, and not unfrequently—as is the case at Parkhouse—considerably to the south of the centre of the circle  . . .

Druidical circles appear to have been more than usually numerous in the parish of Deer. According to the Statistical Account of Scotland (1795) [Reference omitted] there were, a few years previous to that upwards of a dozen within its boundary. That on the hill of Parkhouse was then the most entire, and is now one of the very few that the utilitarian hand of improvement has spared.

More details can be found on the website of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland including photographs and maps of the circle.

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