The castles of Buchan

A castle

Though the history of Scotland has been turbulent Buchan, because of its remoteness, has been relatively peaceful, and this led to the early abandonment of truly fortified castles and their replacement with country houses with castellated features and ornaments, the symbols of feudal superiority rather than physical defences. McKean (1990) suggests that these castles are more properly regarded as châteaux. These houses are so frequent in Buchan that the people living here hardly give them a thought. A few of the major castles lie on the so-called Castle Trail, a sign-posted route through the county of Aberdeenshire that leads the visitor from one to the next, but the Castle Trail gives only a small sample of the collection.

The castles referred to in this section are mostly ruins or in the care of the National Trust for Scotland or Historic Scotland, but the preservation and restoration of others depends on the dedication of private owners.

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