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Besides the parish church, there is an Episcopal church, erected in 1850, on ground granted by Mr Russell of Aden, who with Mrs Russell, was otherwise a large contributor to the building. It is in the early English style, beautiful in its general features, and, on the whole, correct in the details.

At less than a quarter of a mile east of the village, and on the opposite side of the stream is Aden House (Russell), [Now ruined] the ancient Alneden, from a barony of that name, an elegant and commodious mansion, built in a regular square, the centre of which is a billiard-room or library of noble dimensions and beautiful design. The west front is chaste and classical. The grounds, possessing great natural capabilities, have been improved to the uttermost . . .

Pitfour House (Admiral Ferguson) is about a mile north of the village. The house [now completely demolished] and grounds are on a large scale, the former having from time to time received considerable additions. The grounds are strikingly fine, containing a lake of forty or fifty acres in extent, shrubberies, ornamental flower gardens, carriage-drives, and winding footpaths, several jets d'eau, and a minature model of the temple of Theseus.

The remains of Aden House and its policies have been taken over by Aberdeenshire Council and have been sensitively redeveloped into a fine country park. An outstanding feature of the park is a splendid semicircular range of farm-buildings and accommodation, decorated with a fine Temple of the Winds on its central block.]

Aden and Pitfour, as they were, are depicted in a set of scans taken from old postcards which record the grandeur of country houses in Buchan in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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