Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle is one of the finest castles in Scotland and certainly the noblest in Buchan. The castle possesses the typical features of Scottish castellated architecture, rising from plain walls, and flowering into a dramatic skyline of candle-snuffer roofs, ornate dormers, and corbelled, crow-stepped gables.

The oldest part of the castle is the Preston tower started about 1400 by Sir Henry Preston. The Meldrum tower stands at the eastern end of the southern range, which was built, together with the range joining the Preston tower in the tenure of the Meldrum family (14401596) who followed the Preston family as proprietors.

The magnificent Seton tower was added later by Alexander Seton, Lord Fyvie and Earl of Dunfermline. Alexander Seton also improved the Preston and Meldrum towers, and was responsible for the whole splendid southern range of the castle (MacGibbon and Ross, 1887).

The Gordon tower at northern end of the west-facing range was built by by the Honourable General Gordon in 1777; and the final extension of the castle was the addition of the Leith tower in 1890 (McKean, 1990).

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